Well, it’s as official as can be! Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has publicly announced that due to financial constraints Durban is no longer able to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022. The city of Liverpool, according to the British media, quickly stepped in to announce that it has offered to replace Durban in hosting the Games.

Many expressed their disapproval when Durban announced that it had offered to do the hosting and was allocated the Games as a result. On the other hand though many others were excited by the prospect of the event coming to Durban and some of them kick-started investment plans to take advantage of the hordes of expected visitors. In anticipation of the event we at HVS wrote this article: International Sporting Events – Takeaways for Hotel Investors to share our thoughts with the hotel industry, especially for investors who were planning new hotel developments in Durban or other capital expenditure projects for this event. We do however believe that the lessons contained in the article are still relevant for hotel developers the world over.