The store window is the first thing that the visitor notices about your store. Therefore, you want to be as innovative and clear in your branding for the window as you can. There are a lot of unique options to brand your glass. We describe a few commonly used ways to brand your glass and the materials used in the process. You can use them in isolation or combination for your own store.

1. Color vinyl cutting: Plotter cut self-adhesive vinyl into the shape of letters, logos and messages is an age-old technique that allows you to deliver your message without obstructing the view inside the store. We have all used these to make sale announcements, advertise new products and notify costumers about new seasons. But the problem is that it is dull and overused.

Vinyl cut letters on Window glass (Image courtesy: Google images) Vinyl cut design on glass (Image courtesy: Google images)

2. Translucent prints: Digital prints on translucent vinyls can be conveniently pasted on glass. They can also be cut outs as per your creative. The major benefit here is that you can have a large creative, maybe cover the glass top to bottom and also allow the customers to look what’s going on inside , behind the glass. It doesn’t make the glass seem like a wall but an entry into a new dimension of awesome drool-worthy (aka your) products.

Translucent vinyl printing on glass (Image source: Google images)

3. Opaque creatives: While translucent prints are great, it is possible, that they might not make enough impact as a solid opaque print would. The limitation here is that you must keep the size small so that your glass still allows inside activity to be seen. This kind of effect is achieved by printing on opaque self-adhesive vinyl (with our without a cut out) and pasting it directly onto the glass.

Opaque vinyl print on glass Opaque vinyl printing on glass

4. Etching Vinyl: Frosted/Etching self-adhesive vinyl was invented to give clear glass a etched look. Frosting is a physical process done on glass that makes selected portions rough and opaque. This film nicely emulates that quite well. The frosted film can be cut into any shape and can be used to represent your brand logo or your branding message. Further, this vinyl can be printed and it gives a really unique result in terms of aesthetics.

Frosted vinyl pasted on glas

5. One way vision: The one-way-vision/mesh printed vinyl contains a mesh-like structure. The speciality of this material is that from the outside it looks like a solid print (maybe around 75% opacity) but from the inside of the store everything outside is visible. This is a good option if you want to print huge creatives and cover the whole window. If your store is inside a mall or has a good amount of lighting inside, the opacity from outside further reduces (approximately around 50%).

One way vision film (Image source: Google images)

Since you now know the basic tools to brand your glass, ask your design team to play around with these ideas and create something unique to showcase your brand and it’s identity.

About the author: Maniraj Singh Juneja is the MD at Amitoje India. His company provides retail printing and branding services in Delhi, India to a huge number of retail companies. Feel free to contact them for questions or followups.

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I have a passionate interest in all matters to do with hospitality and coomercial property.

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